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Some mistake about pearl

Pearl becomes more popular in the common life,more and more pepole want to chose some fashion pearl,but because lack of the knowledge about pearl ,some mistake occasiionly  made by them when decided to choose the pearls.

  The most frequenly mistake will make is : cultured pearl is not a real pearl.In fact the cultured  pearls is indeed real pearls, but not nature pearl. the pepole who make this mistake must think that only the nature pearl is reall pearls.  but now a day  the nature pearl is rare, and most real pearl are cultured. because the cultured pearl are made exactly the same way a natural pearl is in that a pearl oyster secretes the same mineral and protein around an irritant, so the cultured pearl is indeed a real peral. The difference is that in a cultured pearl, the irritant is introduced by man ,and nature pearls is irritanted nature.

The another frequenly mistake is that :Akoya Pearls  only product in japan.This mistake often make because of the term of the "japan akoya pearl". In fact the term  "Japanese Akoya Pearls" was often use in last century ,because in the time japanese has been the undisputed champion producer of Akoya pearls.Due to the fact that any given Akoya pearl necklace today almost certainly contains Chinese Akoya pearls, the JCK** has recently announced that the phrase "Japanese Akoya Pearls" is no longer an accurate industry term, and should not be used.The akoya pearl now is often the same of  salt water pearl, there can product anywhere especial in china.

Consider to saving the pearl ,mistake that  wearing pearls while sleep enhance their luster is often make.Contrary to this popular myth, the acidic oils and sweat in skin can actually discolor your pearls and damage their luster. however  after wearing them is a good habit.to  wipe down your pearls with   a drop of olive oil  on a soft cloth or chamois  .


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