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Pearl choosing tips

 To choose a pearl,Iit is important to determine the difference between fine quality pearls and average pearls. The luster, nacre thickness and quality (the outer layer), color, surface perfection, shape, and size must be conside when select them.there are some tips here just can help you distinguishing quality  of  the pearl.


First luster is  important factors to notice,Luster is essentially the reflective quality or brilliance of the surface of the pearl nacre.Quality pearls will have a sharp contrast between the brightest area where direct light is hitting the pearls and the shaded area creating an illusion of a "ball within the pearl.", contrarily avage Pearls with low luster appear white or chalky.Check for luster by examining them  on a flat white surface, e.g. white cloth, paper or tray. under a gray or white light instead of away from the light and never under a black light which make you difficult to qualitify the pearl.Compare different pearls under same condition have a relative idea of what you want is  also a good idea.

Color and Overtones

Pearl color is also important.To check the color make sure they have not been dyed is most important.You can judge the color of pearls against a non-reflective white background. If possible you would look at the pearls under different types of light sources-daylight near a window, fluorescent, and incandescent (light bulbs) to check them .When you focus on one color too long to check them, your perception of it becomes distorted you'd better Look away from the pearls at other colors and objects for a while.

Surface Characteristics

Examine pearls' surface for blemishes. Although is best to check for most pearl characteristics on a light background, it is best to check for blemishes on a dark background. Check in both intense and diffused light. Chips.Gaps, or cracks in the pearl's surface are the must be avoid  , because these serious flaws can cause the pearl to break or peel.


When choosing pearls also consider shape.Indeed, perfectly round pearls are actually quite rare,Pearl experts generally divide pearl shapes into three broad categories:spherical,Symmetrical and baroque.Spherical shapes are perfectly round or nearly round and most desirable.Symmetrical shapes are are balanced and regular and desirable but usually less expensive than spherical pearls. Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped and often the least expensive.


Size should also be taken into consideration. Naturally, the larger the size of the pearl, the greater its value.But price jumps between pearl sizes are often uneven. As the size of Akoya pearls over 7  millimeters are much more costly and prices dramatically rise with each ? millimeter over 8 millimeters. South Sea and Tahitian pearls also have high increase in price when size is over 15 millimeters.

Pearl Matching

One more factor to consider in pearls is the precision in matching the pearl quality in a string of pearls. Pearl matching affects the value of the jewelry because when pearls are not matched properly it takes away from the appearance of the jewelry. that would be impossible! Nor does it even mean that all of the pearls in the piece are generally uniform in size, shape, and color. It basically means that the pearls "fit together" in a pleasing manner. For example, a long strand of pearls may have a large pearl in the center, with pearls which grow gradually smaller strung along either side ,or the pearls are all drilled in the center so they lay properly.

Return Policy

Other things to consider when purchasing pearls include finding out what the merchant's return policy is. the  30-day full refund policy like cnepearls.com is very important.

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