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Pearls source

Information on species and countries where natural pearls are found. 

Australia Where are pearls found?  

Country/Area/Body of Water Mollusk
New South Wales Pinctada maxima (White-lipped oyster, gold-lipped oyster)
Northern Territory Pinctada maxima
Queensland--Cairns Pinctada maxima
Queensland--Cooktown Pinctada maxima
Queesland--Thursday Island Pinctada maxima
Torres Strait Pinctada maxima
Western Australia--Broome Pinctada maxima
Western Australia--Burrup Peninsula Pinctada maxima
Western Australia--Cygnet Bay, Deep Water Point, Talbot Bay, Willie Creek Pinctada maxima
Western Australia--Exmouth Gulf, King Sound, Kuri Bay, Montebello Island, Pender Bay, Roebuck Bay Pinctada maxima
Western Australia--Shark Bay Pinctada albino (Arafur pearl oyster)

 Canada Where are pearls found?

British Columbia--Faumfield Marine Station, Burnaby Abalone: Haliotis kamtschatkana (Pinto abalone)



Guangdong--LiuSha Gang Cristaria plicata (River shell, wrinkle shell), Hyriopsis cumingi (Triangle shell)
Guangdong--Chenghai, Nan Ao, Shantou Hyriopsis cumingi
Guangxi Hyriopsis cumingi, Hyriopsis schlegi
Jiangsu--Changzhou Hyriopsis sumingi
Jiangsu--Lake Taihu and nearby ponds Hyriopsis cumingi
Zhejiang--Shaoxing, Zhuji Hyriopsis cumingi, Hyriopsis schlegi (Biwa perly mussel)




Guangdong--Chenghai Pinctada fucata (Chinese Akoya oyster)
Guangdong--LiuSha Gang Pinctada fucata
Guangxi--Beihai Pinctada fucata
Guangxi--Hepu Pinctada fucata

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Pinctada maculata (Maculated pearl oyster)
Cook Islands Pinctada margaritfera, var. cumingi (Black-lipped oyster
Cook Islands Pinctada maxima


French Polynesia Where are pearls found?

Anuanuraro Pinctada margaritifera, var. cumingi
Gambier Islands--Mangareva Pinctada margaritifera, var. cumingi
Tuamotu Archipelago--Ahe Pinctada margaritifera, var. cumingi
Tuamotu Archipelago--Aratika Pinctada margaritifera, var. cumingi
Tuamotu Archipelago--Apataki, Arutua, Faaite, Fakarawa, Kauehi, Makemo, Nego Nego, Rangiroa Pinctada margaritifera, var. cumingi
Tuamotu Archipelago--Hikueru, Takapoto, Takaroa, Takume Pinctada margaritifera, var. cumingi
Tuamotu Archipelago--Kaukura, South Marutea Pinctada margaritifera, var. cumingi
Tuamotu Archipelago--Manihia Pinctada margaritifera, var. cumingi


Indonesia Where are pearls found?

Flores Pinctada maxima
Irian Jaya--Sorong, Wageo Pinctada maxima
Maluku--Aru, Ceram Pinctada maxima
Maluku--Bacan, Dobo, Halmahera, Tanimbar, Tual Pinctada maxima
Nusa Tenggara Barat--Gili Air Pinctada maxima
Sulawasi--Banggai, Togian Pinctada maxima
Sumatra--Lampung Pinctada maxima
Sumbawa Pinctada maxima
Timor--Kupang Pinctada maxima







Lake Biwa Hyriopsis schlegeli
Lake Kasumiga Hyriopsis cumingi--Hyriopsis schlegeli hybrid


Mexico Where are pearls found?

Baja California Pteria sterna (Western winged pearl oyster)
Baja California--La Paz Pinctada mazatlanica (Panamanian pearl oyster)
Guyamas Pinctada mazatlanica



North America

Pacific Coast Abalone: Haliotis rufescens (Red abalone), H. fulgens (Green abalone)


Philippines Where are pearls found?

Mindanao--Davao, Zamboanga Pinctada maxima
Palawan: Surigao Strait Pinctada maxima
Visayan Islands--Bohl, Cebu, Panay Pinctada maxima


South Africa

South Africa Abalone: Haliotis


United States--Freshwater

Tennessee--Kentucky Lake, Tennessee River Megalonaias Nervosa
Texas--San Angelo Megalonaias Nervosa


United States--Saltwater

Hawaii Pinctada margaritifera



Ho Tay Cristaria plicata



Vietnam Pinctada fucata



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